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When Methodist minister Frederick Vining Fisher visited Zion Canyon, he was in awe of this immense cliff and inferred that only Angels might land there. The name has stuck and now you can join the Angels at the top.

Designed by Walter Ruesch as a horse and hiking trail, Angels Landing is now attainable by all Zion National Park visitors, as long as they're not afraid of heights...

As you absorb the awe-inspiring view from the top, think back not only to the humans who made your experience possible but also to immense forces of gravity and water to carve this stunning canyon. The merger of humans and geology is possibly at its most evident while standing atop this stunning precipice.

Although the forces of geology are constantly changing the landscape before you, you can rest assured that the towering sandstone cliffs before you'll be there for generations to come, preserved as part of one of the nation's most precious places, Zion National Park.

Half-Day Hike: Follow the directions for the Angels Landing hike.

Family Friendly: Though very difficult and extremely exposed, kids who reach the top will never forget the journey or the view.

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Tom Robson
Scott Sichler
Scott Sichler   Oregon
This is an amazing hike. Not for those who are afraid of heights. People have died falling here so be very careful. Nov 28, 2017
Brian Whitten
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Brian Whitten   Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Start early to avoid heat and crowds. During the summer, the wait for a park shuttle from the Visitor Center to the Grotto trailhead can be long, up to and hour or more. Be at the Vistor Center at 6am to avoid long lines. Or better yet, ride a bike to the trailhead. Jun 24, 2018

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