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Bird Woman Falls may not have the most scenic approach in the park, but this beautiful waterfall is one of the largest in the park. In the spring when snowmelt swells the tributaries that feed the falls, Bird Woman Falls can be seen from nearly two miles away from Going to the Sun Road.

While the full height of the falls is disputed, you can be assured that the effect is breathtaking. An overlook on Going to the Sun Road states that the fall is 492 feet, though a competing registration in the World Waterfall database records the much larger height of 960 feet. The larger estimate includes an initial fall, a second tier, and the various cascades that connect the two. No matter how tall these falls are, they put on a scenic display that has captivated visitors for centuries.

The falls are especially scenic due to the unique geology of the area. A high, hanging valley carved by ancient glaciers catches melt water from the surrounding peaks, collecting the run-off from various creeks which consolidates in the basin. The creek then continues its downward trend, flowing the 500 feet over a lip, and creating the scenic Bird Woman Falls. The falls drop into a lush forest, and the bottom of the falls disappear into the emerald feet of the mountainside. The effect is quite photogenic, and visitors of all ages will appreciate the opportunity to stop and wonder at the falls.

On the Road: While viewing the falls up close is incredibly difficult, and would require route finding and bushwhacking skills, most visitors will view the falls from afar, along Going to the Sun Road, just to the west of the Continental Divide.

Family Friendly: The falls are easy to see from a road pull out, and the history behind the name of the falls is a great opportunity to learn more about the Blackfoot tribes who once inhabited the area.

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