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In a monument known for the presence of spectacular trees, one might think that it would be difficult to highlight one group of trees over others. The Cathedral Grove, however, is regarded as the most pristine grove of Redwoods in the park, making it a necessary stop for visitors.

Cathedral Grove is located along the Hillside Trail, and tends to be a bit less crowded than the Bohemian Grove, located closer to the visitor center. Though the tallest trees in the National Monument are located within Bohemian Grove, the trees preserved here are no less majestic or grand. Take a few moments to appreciate each individual tree, and to consider the vast amount of history that these trees have outlived. Many of the trees within Muir Woods are between 600 and 800 years old, and the oldest tree in the monument is a staggering 1,200 years of age! Though these trees seem old on a human scale, they’re really only entering middle age. Coastal Redwoods can live to be 2,200 years old if left in peace.

Visitors in search of a peaceful retreat will find just what they’re looking for in this grove. The paved trail allows visitors to look around and above without fear of obstacles, and the shaded area is tranquil and quiet. Ferns, nurse logs, and seedlings can be seen in the area, making regeneration visible to all. No trip to Muir Woods is complete without visiting this incredible spot.

Short Walk: A short hike along the Hillside Trail will bring visitors to the heart of this grove.

Family Friendly: The skewed perspective and immense size of the trees will capture imaginations.

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God's cathedral. Truly amazing.

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