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Alamere Falls makes a worthwhile stop for any Point Reyes visitor. This beautiful waterfall is one of the few "tidefalls" in northern California, and at high tides the water cascades directly into the ocean. While the view from the beach is stunning, to get there you'll have to scramble down a rocky cliff.

Visitors need not head all the way to the beach to appreciate the falls. On the hike to the upper portion of the falls, you'll pass Bass Lake, which is a frequent swimming spot and even has a rope swing for the adventurous. There is often poison oak on the trail - long pants may be warranted.

Half-Day Hike: The closest trailhead with parking access is the !Palomarin trailhead. The south branch of the Coast Trail will bring you to where you can observe the falls.

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Nick Wilder
You should also mention that bicycles are not allowed on this trail. Jan 8, 2018

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