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When visitors conjure images of Muir Woods, the iconic image of the coastal redwood is often at the forefront of the imagination. A visit to the Bohemian Grove illustrates why the image has become so popular. Towering 258 ft. over the forest floor, “Tree 76” is the tallest giant in the monument. Thought to be nearly 780 years old, this tree predates much of human history, and is thought to have sprouted sometime around the Crusades.

Bohemian Grove is easy to access, and a paved trail will lead visitors across Bridge 1, where the coastal redwoods quickly differentiate themselves from the surrounding Douglas Fir. Flaky bark with deep grooves, straight trunks, and flat needles characterize these trees as much as their incredible size does. Visitors will enjoy trying to catch a glimpse of the treetops, or imagine the view from 258 ft. above the ground.

This area is located near to the visitor center, and you’ll likely be sharing the view with other visitors. Please respect others while appreciating the beauty of these amazing sentinels.

Short Walk: A short way on a paved trail will bring visitors to the grove.

Family Friendly: Not far from the parking area and featuring superlatively large trees, this area will captivate youngsters imaginations.

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