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Providing one of the best 360-degree views in the park, some argue that this is an even better lookout than Glacier Point. The Sentinel Dome hike provides a more accessible route to a striking granite feature that is similar to Half Dome but well within a half-day's journey. The top of the dome, at 8,122 feet, is the second highest point along the rim of Yosemite Valley.

Once at the top, look for the fallen Jeffrey pine that was one of the most photographed trees in the world with the first photograph dating back to 1867 by Carleton Watkins. Park rangers say that the tree was up to 400 years old and stood at around 12' tall. Ansel Adams took an iconic photo of the tree in 1940 that brought widespread interest to this area. The tree had been dead since a severe drought in 1977 and fell in August of 2003 after a series of storms.

Short Hike: Starting at the Taft Point/Sentinel Dome trailhead parking area, this out-and-back hike comes in just over two miles in length.

Family Friendly: Depending on the age and fitness of the kids, this could be a great option to explore one of the iconic granite features in the park, without having to go more than a few miles round trip.

Gem Type: Rock Formation

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