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This awesome natural feature is formed where Ouzel Creek cascades over a 40-foot cliff on its way towards the North Saint Vrain. You'll be able to see the falls from the raised creek crossing, but there are unmarked trails leading to a better vantage point.

You'll kill three birds with one stone if you venture to Ouzel Falls given that you'll hike right past Copeland Falls and Calypso Cascades on the way to Ouzel Falls.

Half-Day Hike: Park at the Wild Basin Trailhead and hike up the Wild Basin Trail for approximately 2.75 miles.

Gem Type: Waterfall

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Brian Smith
The hike is beautiful and Ouzel Falls is stunning. For as full as the parking lot was, there were not many people at the falls. Parking is a little tough so it is best if you get there earlier. We ended up having to park a mile from the trail head then walk back that mile in the pouring rain, so save yourself and get there early. Truly a place to visit. Sep 28, 2017

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Sep 26, 2017
Greg Wolff
Sep 3, 2017
Jake Dylan
We ended up doing 9.4 miles as the parking was full (labor day) and had to add 4 miles to our trip to walk from the base of the park. was a great h...
Sep 3, 2017
Jessica Leiker
Aug 27, 2017
Oscar Calderon
Aug 13, 2017
Joanna Potts
Aug 8, 2017
Dan Chun
Jul 25, 2017
Dennis C
Jul 23, 2017
Brian Domaracki

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