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If you don't live on an open prairie, a trip to the Blacktail Prairie Dog Town can be an insightful stop and a great place to view wildlife.

Everything in the prairie is interconnected, and there is no better place to observe this phenomenon that at the Blacktail Prairie Dog Town. Prairie dogs live in burrows and create expansive tunnel systems where they live and store food for the winter months. In order to protect their homes, the prairie dogs like to have long lines of sight. In order to achieve this, they will create sentinel mounds, and will keep the surrounding grass cropped short in order to keep a look-out for any intruders or dangers.

The nibbling habits of the prairie dogs end up benefitting the larger residents of the park as well. Bison and pronghorn prefer the close-cropped grasses surrounding prairie dog towns, as it is more nutritious and easier to digest.

Due to this symbiotic relationship, stopping to visit the Blacktail Prairie Dog Town can be a fun stop, especially for those visitors looking to get a glimpse of the nomadic herds of bison and pronghorn. These majestic animals roam the park freely, and catching sight of them can be difficult. You can increase your chances of sighting these animals if you time your visit to coincide with the dawn and dusk hours when the animals are most active.

If you do stop to see the prairie dogs, pronghorn or bison, please remember that the animals are wild, and keep your distance. In addiiton, prairie dogs often carry fleas, which are capable of spreading plague. While cute, give these critters plenty of space!

On the Road: Two overlooks are located just off the road, providing easy access.

Family Friendly: Youngsters will love getting to see the prairie dogs and listen to their high-pitched voices. The opportunity to see a bison or pronghorn is also an exciting prospect.

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