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While many come to Shenandoah to escape from the bustle of urban life, it’s difficult not to want a few creature comforts while you’re exploring the Virginia backcountry. That’s where the Skyland Resort comes in. This famous hotel has been accommodating visitors for over 100 years, and the cozy atmosphere keeps many visitors coming back. Located along Skyline Drive, the hotel allows visitors to continue their explorations of the park, all while having a friendly place to return to when it’s time to kick off those boots.

At an elevation of 3,680 feet, the resort is located at one of the higher points in the park. The views are incredible, and this airy spot has been a visitor favorite for generations. There are many different room options for a variety of budgets, and this is spot is a beautiful place to spend the night.

A multitude of trails leaves from the area surrounding the resort, so visitors will have their pick of some great ways to get lost in the woods. In addition, the resort offers many types of entertainment, which is especially nice on a rainy afternoon.

Even if you’re passing through, a coffee break or pitstop at this historic resort offers a great chance to get out of the car and enjoy the views over the whole Shenandoah Valley.

Difficulty: On the Road

Family Friendly: It's easy to take on ambitious days when a comfy bed or a hot shower await, and kids will love being able to stay at this historic location.

Gem Type: Historic Site

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