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While most visitors travel to Glacier National Park to appreciate stunning viewpoints and pristine alpine terrain, it is certainly worth a short stop to appreciate the goings on at the oddly but appropriately named, Goat Lick.

Local wildlife such as big horn sheep and mountain goats are highly specialized mammals that have evolved to take their nutrients from the vegetation that is typical in the high alpine environment. During the spring, lush vegetation can put the goats' mineral intake out of balance, causing them to seek out ways to ingest high quantities of various minerals.

This behavior is put on display at the sharp cut back of the Middle For Flathead River. The unique geology of the area is rich in the minerals that the goats crave in the spring, and the river has exposed a wide swath where these minerals can be readily accessed. While human visitors won't want to give the Goat Lick a try, this is an excellent place to view wildlife in a specialized setting. Many goats travel for miles to reach the lick, and there is competition to find the best seep, where more minerals are concentrated. This makes for entertaining wildlife viewing, as the social rank of various animals can be observed, and many individuals will jostle for position.

It is especially important for visitors to respect the goats during a visit to salt lick. While it is entertaining to see so many nannie, billy, and kid goats gathered in one place, aggressive behavior does occur. Please observe only, and give the goats plenty of space.

Short Walk: A short, paved trail from a parking area leads to the overlook

Family Friendly: Kids of all ages will enjoy getting to watch the mountain goats frolic, and will also enjoy seeing other "kids" (baby and adolescent mountain goats).

Gem Type: Viewpoint

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Mikhaila Redovian


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Jul 2, 2019
Richard Vogel
Jun 19, 2019
Arielle Hiker
Saw the goats! A fun stop right off highway 2.
Jun 15, 2019
Stesha Carlé
Saw one lonely goat laying by a tree, luckily we used a another hiker's binoculars
Oct 26, 2018
Amy Collett
Sep 30, 2018
Heather Meyer
Aug 4, 2018
Larry Anderson
Jul 30, 2018
Jeffrey Pincus
Jul 16, 2018
Alexus Martin

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