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gem Favorite Snake Indian Falls along the North Boundary Trail.

Snake Indian Falls

(1) Hinton, AB
gem Favorite Aescher

Wildkirchli Cave

(1) Appenzell, CH
gem Favorite Kachaghakaberd is a 9th century ruined fortress. A turret can still be see clinging to the sheer wall of the fortress. Foundational walls and some battlements are also visible on top of the once mighty stronghold.

Kachaghakaberd (Fortress)

(1) Xocalı, AZ
gem Favorite Gtichavank Monastery

Gtichavank Monastery

(1) Qırmızı…, AZ
gem Favorite Admiring the finely detailed carvings on St. John the Baptist Cathedral at Gandzasar Monastery.

Gandzasar Monastery

(1) Xocalı, AZ
gem Favorite The Piton de la Fournaise with the Formica Leo in the foreground. Picture by B.navez, cc-by-sa-3.0,2.5,2.0,1.0.

Piton de la Fournaise

(0) Saint-P…, RE
gem Favorite Shades Creek Old Mill

The Old Mill

(1) Mountai…, AL
gem Favorite The Doran Canyon Double Arches

Doran Double Arches

(1) Barstow, CA
gem Favorite The Approach to Calico Peak

Calico Peak

(1) Barstow, CA
gem Favorite Edge of Devil's Marbleyard

Devil's Marbleyard

(2) Glasgow, VA
gem Favorite Devils Bathtub with autumn colors.

Devil's Bathtub

(2) Honeoye…, NY
gem Favorite Honeycomb Rock

Devil's Backbone

(1) Crawfor…, IN
gem Favorite Seneca Mills Falls.

Seneca Mills and Falls

(1) Penn Yan, NY
gem Favorite The punch bowl after a day of rain.

Rocky Hollow

(1) Rockport, IN
gem Favorite Standing on top of Gagnheiði looking at the midnight sun.

Top of Gagnheiði by the viewing disc

(1) Borgarf…, IS
gem Favorite The Ladders

The Ladders in Bear Hollow

(2) Rockport, IN
gem Favorite View from boat launch of Daniels Area during the spring bloom.

Daniels Cave

(2) Ellicot…, MD
gem Favorite Cascades at base of Abrams Falls

Abrams Falls

(1) Bristol, VA
gem Favorite View of the Mckeldin Rapids Area.

McKeldin Rapids

(1) Sykesville, MD
gem Favorite Looking up at Zodiac Spires from North Willow Lake

Zodiac Ridge

(1) Silvert…, CO
gem Favorite Snow Peak from Snow Pass, Gore Range.

Snow Pass

(1) Silvert…, CO
gem Favorite Visitors navigating their way across the boulder field.

Boulder Field

(2) Towamen…, PA
gem Favorite Before going through Killdeer Arch

Killdeer Arch

(1) Jamestown, TN
gem Favorite Cherry blossoms at Manzanar.

Manzanar National Historic Site

(2) Lone Pine, CA
gem Favorite The trail traverses a steep drop just before the top of the falls

Golden Falls

(1) Lakeside, OR
gem Favorite Silver Falls

Silver Falls

(1) Lakeside, OR
gem Favorite Views from Echo and Observation Rocks, with the odd mix of red pumice and black stone.

Echo and Observation Rock

(1) Eatonville, WA
gem Favorite Le Conte Mountain seen from the Ying Yang lakes bivouac site along the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Ying Yang Lakes

(1) Stehekin, WA
gem Favorite Itswoot Ridge, White Rock Lakes, and Dome Peak along the Ptarmigan Traverse

South Cascade Glacier Col

(1) Stehekin, WA