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Adobe Trail
Intermediate/Difficult Intermediate/Difficult
Nipomo, CA Nov 13, 2022
Adobe Trail Nipomo, CA
Intermediate/Difficult Intermediate/Difficult
Nov 13, 2022
Notes: 5.2 mi — 2h 24m : Out and back. Nothing but up hill on the way there. Super intense.
St. Georges Trail
Intermediate Intermediate
Fairwood, WA Jan 17, 2022
St. Georges Trail Fairwood, WA
Intermediate Intermediate
Jan 17, 2022
Notes: 1.1 mi — 1h 0m : Snowy and icy for most the trail. Turned around after most the climb due to the snow not being packed down. I would recommend snow shoes or spikes.
Point Sal Overlook Hike
Intermediate/Difficult Intermediate/Difficult
Guadalupe, CA Sep 25, 2021
Point Sal Overlook Hike Guadalupe, CA
Intermediate/Difficult Intermediate/Difficult
Sep 25, 2021
Notes: 5.8 mi — 2h 5m : Started the trail in the morning and needed a jacket. Sun came out as we reached the top. All gates were open and conditions were clear.
Indian Painted Rocks
Easy/Intermediate Easy/Intermediate
Nine Mile Falls, WA Aug 30, 2021
Indian Painted Rocks Nine Mile Falls, WA
Easy/Intermediate Easy/Intermediate
Aug 30, 2021
Notes: 3.5 mi — 1h 36m : Hiked this trail out and back. Found it to be mapped slightly longer according to gps. Great trail with some climbs.
Snake River National Recreation Trail #102
Intermediate Intermediate
Grangeville, ID Aug 28, 2021
Snake River National Recreation Trail #102 Grangeville, ID
Intermediate Intermediate
Aug 28, 2021
Notes: 2 mi — 1h 0m : At the trailhead there is a warning to watch out for rattle snakes and black widows. We didn't see any rattle snakes, but saw a lot of black widows.
Antoine's Summit Trail
Intermediate Intermediate
Trentwood, WA Aug 22, 2021
Antoine's Summit Trail Trentwood, WA
Intermediate Intermediate
Aug 22, 2021
Notes: 9.6 mi — 3h 16m : I ended up linking Antoine's Summit Trail and Canfield Gulch for around 10 miles of hiking. Great views with decent shade, but 1,860 elevation gained.
Iller Creek & Rocks Of Sharon Loop
Intermediate Intermediate
Dishman, WA Aug 7, 2021
Iller Creek & Rocks Of Sharon Loop Dishman, WA
Intermediate Intermediate
Aug 7, 2021
Notes: 5.2 mi — 1h 57m : Great hike on almost any day. I prefer to do this loop counter clockwise, but the first part of the hike is exposed when done that way.
Manzana East Trail
Intermediate Intermediate
Los Olivos, CA Jul 23, 2021
Manzana East Trail Los Olivos, CA
Intermediate Intermediate
Jul 23, 2021
Notes: 13.4 mi — 5h 50m : An overnight trip to the narrows and back. There was no water on the trail except for lost valley and the narrows it self had some pools of water.
Old Stage Trail
Intermediate/Difficult Intermediate/Difficult
Republic, WA Jul 12, 2020
Old Stage Trail Republic, WA
Intermediate/Difficult Intermediate/Difficult
Jul 12, 2020
Notes: 5.8 mi — 3h 30m : The top of the trail is super overgrown with brush. We hiked down this from the campsite back to the trailhead.
Midnight Ridge Trail
Difficult Difficult
Republic, WA Jul 3, 2020
Midnight Ridge Trail Republic, WA
Difficult Difficult
Jul 3, 2020
Notes: 5.5 mi — 3h 36m : We added about a quarter mile after the Midnight ridge to get to a campsite on Kettle Crest trail.
Dishman Hills Loop
Intermediate Intermediate
Dishman, WA Feb 15, 2020
Dishman Hills Loop Dishman, WA
Intermediate Intermediate
Feb 15, 2020
Notes: 2.8 mi — 1h 6m : Trail was nice and in decent condition except for the trailhead had trash and social trails. Overall a nice weekend hike.
Trail 121 - Waterfall Loop
Intermediate Intermediate
Spokane, WA Dec 7, 2019
Trail 121 - Waterfall Loop Spokane, WA
Intermediate Intermediate
Dec 7, 2019

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