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East Topanga Fire Road
Intermediate Intermediate
Las Flores, CA Aug 4, 2020
East Topanga Fire Road Las Flores, CA
Intermediate Intermediate
Aug 4, 2020
Notes: 6.5 mi — 3h 15m : Sunset hike to the benches with bae. Mostly hot and dry but cooled down after sunset. We saw coyote, fox, rabbits and black Beatles. Uphill both ways
Difficult Difficult
Grand Canyon, AZ Jul 12, 2020
Nankoweap Grand Canyon, AZ
Difficult Difficult
Jul 12, 2020
Notes: 0.5 mi : We camped at the trailhead for the view and star photography. It was a 13 mile dirt road to get here but worth the privacy. Steep narrow rocky trail
Cathedral Rock Trail
Difficult Difficult
West Sedona, AZ Jul 12, 2020
Cathedral Rock Trail West Sedona, AZ
Difficult Difficult
Jul 12, 2020
Notes: 2.9 mi : Steep scramble throughout the hike. It's totally worth the view of the sunset if you push past the first break thx jk - Snake, tarantula, Scorpion.
Queens Garden Navajo Loop Trail
Intermediate Intermediate
Panguitch, UT Jul 8, 2020
Queens Garden Navajo Loop Trail Panguitch, UT
Intermediate Intermediate
Jul 8, 2020
Notes: 4.3 mi — 2h 50m : Quick reverse clock loop in the queens garden. Saw humming birds and huffing puffing covid walkers on the reverse up hill. BLM fist in the background
Turret Arch Trail
Easy/Intermediate Easy/Intermediate
Moab, UT Jun 28, 2020
Turret Arch Trail Moab, UT
Easy/Intermediate Easy/Intermediate
Jun 28, 2020
Notes: 1 mi : Packed for sunset but an easy stop off from the lot. Paved path - not an actual hike but flash light fun with night spiders crawling on jk. Sunset ++
High Falls Trail
Intermediate Intermediate
Cullowhee, NC Jun 20, 2020
High Falls Trail Cullowhee, NC
Intermediate Intermediate
Jun 20, 2020
Notes: 3.4 mi : long exposure pics at the waterfall. Super steps 4days and the trek back up was whoa. Jenna hustled back up turbo mode to catch a call. Challenging.
Vernooy Kill Falls Trail
Easy/Intermediate Easy/Intermediate
Brownville, NY May 2, 2020
Vernooy Kill Falls Trail Brownville, NY
Easy/Intermediate Easy/Intermediate
May 2, 2020
Notes: 5.4 mi — 3h 37m : Jenna and I hiked the muddy trail. Lots of bugs & people w masks. Raging waters and campgrounds near the falls. 10/10 would go back for swim camp
Stockbridge Mountain
Intermediate Intermediate
Harriman, NY Aug 18, 2019
Stockbridge Mountain Harriman, NY
Intermediate Intermediate
Aug 18, 2019
Notes: 5 mi — 3h 5m : Alice and wonderland vibes with snakes, frogs and marsh. Avoided reco. and went left at the split. Good times with the pbj crew. Snack crew active.
Hogencamp Mountain
Intermediate Intermediate
Thiells, NY Jul 27, 2019
Hogencamp Mountain Thiells, NY
Intermediate Intermediate
Jul 27, 2019
Notes: Gambino and crew went for a loop. Rocky roads with blueberry fill ups. Nature berry snacks. Amazing.
Butler Sanctuary
Intermediate Intermediate
Mount Kisco, NY Jun 22, 2019
Butler Sanctuary Mount Kisco, NY
Intermediate Intermediate
Jun 22, 2019
Notes: 5.4 mi : Shermin was hiking. We'll show you what on the way means... orange trail was cool so was yellow
Minnewaska Lake Carriageway
Easy/Intermediate Easy/Intermediate
Kerhonkson, NY Aug 3, 2018
Minnewaska Lake Carriageway Kerhonkson, NY
Easy/Intermediate Easy/Intermediate
Aug 3, 2018
Notes: 2.5 mi : New Paltz Crew
Huckleberry Point
Intermediate/Difficult Intermediate/Difficult
Palenville, NY Jul 14, 2018
Huckleberry Point Palenville, NY
Intermediate/Difficult Intermediate/Difficult
Jul 14, 2018
Notes: 4.8 mi : Jenna almost broke her ankle. Went with mickVic and went to dmb show. Light rain at the end and we didn’t bring enough water or food.

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