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If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of multiple waterfalls, this is the perfect place to do so! The falls along the Doyles River are the largest and most spectacular of those located in the area, but it’s recommended that visitors take the time to stop and wonder at the falls along the way, no matter the size.

Due to the activity of the waterfalls, there are also many spots where visitors will enjoy dipping their toes (or dunking their whole selves!) into pristine swimming holes along the way. While working your way to the falls, the trail is scenic and beautiful, adding to the relaxation of visiting the falls.

There are two Doyle River Falls, and each has something unique to offer. Hikers will come across the Upper Doyles River Falls, a 28' cascade, first. The Lower Falls are the larger of the two, cascading nearly 63', and this is a great place to stop for a snack, a picnic, or just to appreciate the scenery. Once you’ve enjoyed your time admiring these dramatic falls, head back to the trailhead the way that you came.

Short Hike: It takes some work to be able to see these falls, and visitors will need to work their way in a few miles to see the falls. Starting at the Doyles River Trailhead parking area, head south on the Doyles River Trail. The trail is mostly moderate, although there are some strenuous parts.

Family Friendly: Kids will love navigating to the falls, and possibly swimming in one of the pools at the base of the falls, or even potentially seeing a bear!

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Completed the full trip the first day at Shenandoah. Beautiful but tough. Sitting on the AT eating Pringles and wondering when we'd get back to tent.
Jun 25, 2016
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