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Located just to the east of Stovepipe Wells, the Mesquite Flats Dunes embody the undulating sand that comes to mind when one thinks of a "desert." While Death Valley National Park displays many different types of desert, the easily accessible Mesquite Flats Dunes provide an excellent place to appreciate the complex geologic forces at work in the park. The sand present at these dunes is the result of weathering and erosion of the nearby Cottonwood Mountains. Over time, the feldspar and quartz rocks that make up the mountains are eroded and weathered, eventually becoming sand-sized grains. The grains are then transported via wind, and dunes are formed.

Unlike many of the other dune areas in the park, visitors can fully explore these incredible dunes. Foot travel and dune boarding are welcome. While the dunes here aren't exceptionally tall with the tallest dunes being only about 100', the dunes cover a vast area. Enjoy exploring this incredible area!

Short Walk: This area is easy to access, with parking available near the dunes.

Family Friendly: With unlimited exploration possibilities, the whole family will enjoy trekking through this area.

Gem Type: Geologic Feature

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Mikhaila Redovian
Matthew Kidd
San Diego, CA
Matthew Kidd   San Diego, CA
The dunes are best explored in the two or three hours adjacent to sunrise or sunset when the interplay of light and shadows is ideal. Hiking in sand is slow so take plenty of water so you don't have to turn back sooner than you would prefer. May 9, 2017

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113° at 11:45a! Dunes were gnarly

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