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Walnut Canyon National Monument

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Walnut Canyon is blessed with much natural beauty, but the highlights are the amazing ruins of the cliff dwelling Sinagua people. Populating the canyon from roughly 600-1250AD, these people hunted and farmed the canyon and rim above. The cliff dwellings were only inhabited for about 100 years, and it is not understood why they were abandoned in about 1250. They remained undisturbed until the 1880s when theft and destruction destroyed much of cultural gems and structures.

In 1915 the land was preserved as a national monument, and most of the cliff dwellings are not accessible, though a few trails take you right up to a few that you can investigate. The Island Loop trail gives you the best look at this amazing history.

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This is a great place to explore any time of year, though the trails could be dangerous if it just snowed.

Food & Drink

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Pita Jungle Happy hour from 3-6pm or 9-10pm is the best time to go! Split some happy hour dishes with friends for an awesome meal for under $10. And always get an extra side of pita or there never is enough.
320 S Regent St, Flagstaff AZ — (928) 774-0086
NiMarco's Pizza Right off of campus and delicious pizza. The white pizza is the way to go.
Simply Delicious Café Daily Fare The Blackberry Duck Tacos are as good as everyone says. Even the sides that come with it are absolutely delicious. Wish this place was closer as I would come here all of the time
408 E Route 66, Flagstaff AZ — (928) 774-2855
The Annex The gin drink= the white linen yuuummmmm!
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Absolutely amazing! The canes sauce is delicious... I ordered extra! I definitely will be back soon
MartAnne's Cafe Love the Jerry El Mujeriego.
112 E Route 66, Flagstaff AZ — (928) 773-4701
Red Curry Vegan Kitchen Really good vegan food. And if you're not a vegan, you'll like it too! The pineapple red curry was amazing, I got it spicy (4) which was okay but I'd like it more spicy so next time I'll try level 5.
Criollo Latin Kitchen House Margs are YUMMY & great w/fresh squeezed lime juice. $3 a pop HAPPY hour M-F 3 to 6.
Pato Thai Cuisine Be sure to try the Tsunami fried rice and the Kai Kua Noodles! They are amazing to share together.
Karma Sushi Try the tuna trio sushi appetizer! It is delicious!
6 E Route 66, Flagstaff AZ — (928) 774-6100
Late For The Train Happy Hour every Wednesday between 2-4 pm. 1/2 off drinks.
22 E Birch Ave, Flagstaff AZ — (928) 779-5975
Fratelli's Pizza Route 66 is one of the best pizzas of all time.
Oregano's Pizza Bistro awesome staff! our pizza wasn't right, so they took it off the bill. the oregano's favorite salad is YOM.
Pizzicletta You are cheating yourself if you don't get the gelato. So so good!
Chick-fil-A Spicy chicken sandwich- honey barbeque dips w waffle fries- yummm
Mama Burger Tasty burgers and shakes. I had the veggie version of the Cholula Jack and it was very good.

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#1 Rim Trail
Flagstaff, AZ
0.4 mi 0.7 km Flagstaff, AZ
Mountainaire, AZ
18.4 mi 29.6 km Mountainaire, AZ

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