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Mt. Galbraith Park Loop
Golden, CO Nov 7, 2020
Mt. Galbraith Park Loop Golden, CO
Nov 7, 2020
Notes: Fun loop. Lots of Sun. Windy. Simon loved it!
Gunnison Route
Very Difficult
Montrose, CO Sep 6, 2020
Gunnison Route Montrose, CO
Very Difficult
Sep 6, 2020
Notes: Great hike! Beautiful view at the bottom of the canyon. Take note of trail on the way down, so it's easier to find on the way up. Maybe try camping…
First-Second Flatiron Trail
Boulder, CO Aug 15, 2020
First-Second Flatiron Trail Boulder, CO
Aug 15, 2020
Grays and Torreys Peaks
Georgetown, CO Aug 3, 2020
Grays and Torreys Peaks Georgetown, CO
Aug 3, 2020
Notes: Beautiful views at the peaks. Saw some adorable mountain goats right off the trail.
Garden of the Gods Loop
Manitou Springs, CO Aug 2, 2020
Garden of the Gods Loop Manitou Springs, CO
Aug 2, 2020
Notes: Missed the kissing camels. Took a detour to check out climbing areas.
Mount Sanitas Loop
Boulder, CO May 30, 2020
Mount Sanitas Loop Boulder, CO
May 30, 2020
Notes: 3.2 mi
Royal Arch Boulder, CO May 16, 2020
Royal Arch Boulder, CO
May 16, 2020
Notes: First Royal Arch hike. So many stairs! Glutes glutes glutes!