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Cataract Trail
Mill Valley, CA Sep 29, 2019
Cataract Trail Mill Valley, CA
Sep 29, 2019
Notes: 6 mi : Started at the top w/ a great view of downtown on the otherside of the road before heading down to lake. Stair steps were manageable. Quiet alot of it
Hidden Valley Trail
Milpitas, CA Sep 7, 2019
Hidden Valley Trail Milpitas, CA
Sep 7, 2019
Notes: I would definitely only do this hike when it's overcast and in cool temperatures. No shade or cover.
Mailbox Peak Trail
Riverbend, WA Jul 20, 2019
Mailbox Peak Trail Riverbend, WA
Jul 20, 2019
Notes: 5.2 mi — 3h 15m : Hiked up the Old trail & descend thru new Mailbox trail. It's easy coming down but it took longer. Never been so eager to finish a hike til this day!
Molera Beach Super Loop
Carmel Valley Village, CA Jul 6, 2019
Molera Beach Super Loop Carmel Valley Village, CA
Jul 6, 2019
Notes: 7.9 mi — 3h 35m : I love this hike! Started off at the beach providing warm up before ascending to the Panoramic Trail. Awesome view of the coast. Check the tides!
Rosario to the Points and Back
Anacortes, WA Jun 24, 2019
Rosario to the Points and Back Anacortes, WA
Jun 24, 2019
Notes: 3 mi : Nice leisurely hike. You can spend the entire day on the Rosario Point exploring. Skipped Lottie Trail but will definitely come back to do the loop.
Mount Pilchuck Trail
Granite Falls, WA Jun 9, 2019
Mount Pilchuck Trail Granite Falls, WA
Jun 9, 2019
Notes: 5.4 mi — 5h 10m : The BEST hiking trail ever! It was like hiking in 4 seasons. Spikes recommended especially if there's still snow. Views were phenomenally beautiful!!!
Mailbox Peak - Old Trail
Riverbend, WA May 25, 2019
Mailbox Peak - Old Trail Riverbend, WA
May 25, 2019
Notes: 4 mi — 6h 0m : We did the primitive MailBox Trail to the summit. Hardest trail ever! Dropping f-bombs on every rest stops. But worth every step.
Lake Serene Trail #1068
Gold Bar, WA Apr 30, 2019
Lake Serene Trail #1068 Gold Bar, WA
Apr 30, 2019
Notes: 8 mi — 6h 1m : Beautiful hike! I say the best, longest, most difficult hike I've done so far. But the reward is amazing! Awesome waterfalls, majestic scene!
Cougar Mountain Red Town Loop
Newcastle, WA Apr 19, 2019
Cougar Mountain Red Town Loop Newcastle, WA
Apr 19, 2019
Notes: 5.6 mi : Lots of other trails. You can easily miss your turn. Make you you really look at the signs. Thanks goodness for the Hiking Project and cell reception.
Rattlesnake Ledge
Riverbend, WA Sep 29, 2018
Rattlesnake Ledge Riverbend, WA
Sep 29, 2018
Notes: 4.3 mi : Rocky. Steady incline. Wear good shoes and bring lots of water. Very busy!
Twin Falls
Riverbend, WA Jul 21, 2018
Twin Falls Riverbend, WA
Jul 21, 2018
Notes: 3.8 mi : Hike wasn’t as easy as expected but worth the effort. Falls were beautiful.
Woody Trail
Gold Bar, WA Jul 14, 2018
Woody Trail Gold Bar, WA
Jul 14, 2018
Notes: 5.8 mi : Fun easy hike with the kids. Hike to Upper Falls was a great work out.
South Little Mountain Lollipop
Mount Vernon, WA Jul 6, 2018
South Little Mountain Lollipop Mount Vernon, WA
Jul 6, 2018
Notes: Very steep inclines but worth it
Little Si Trail
Tanner, WA Jun 16, 2018
Little Si Trail Tanner, WA
Jun 16, 2018
Notes: 4.8 mi : First long hike with hubby. Hardest hike I’ve done so far but it was so worth it! We parked at a park 1/2 mile out of the trailhead.
Grove of the Patriarchs
Eatonville, WA Aug 8, 2017
Grove of the Patriarchs Eatonville, WA
Aug 8, 2017
Notes: Little hike during camping at Ohanapecosh
Silver Falls Loop
Tieton, WA Aug 8, 2017
Silver Falls Loop Tieton, WA
Aug 8, 2017
Notes: Only dis half the trail coming back from Grand Patriarch Trail to camp site
Denny Creek Trail #1014
Riverbend, WA Jul 23, 2017
Denny Creek Trail #1014 Riverbend, WA
Jul 23, 2017
Notes: 3.5 mi : Didn’t get to do the entire trail. We stopped at the water pools to cool off in the Keekwulee Falls. Easy hike.
Sol Duc Falls Nature Trail
Forks, WA Jul 2, 2017
Sol Duc Falls Nature Trail Forks, WA
Jul 2, 2017
Notes: 2 mi : Camping with Hawaii cousins
Poo Poo Point via Chirico Trail
Issaquah, WA Jun 3, 2017
Poo Poo Point via Chirico Trail Issaquah, WA
Jun 3, 2017
Notes: 7.2 mi : Awesome hike! It was fun watching the paragliding. On my bucket list. Steps can be a killer though.
Lime Kiln Trail
Granite Falls, WA Jul 30, 2016
Lime Kiln Trail Granite Falls, WA
Jul 30, 2016
Notes: 7 mi : Nice place to have a picnic at the river.