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Alice-Toxaway Loop
Sun Valley, ID Aug 23, 2019
Alice-Toxaway Loop Sun Valley, ID
Aug 23, 2019
Notes: 19.1 mi : Conditions were beautiful, got a little crowded on trail Saturday. Views are priceless and the trail is easy to follow and in great condition.
Sunset Mountain Road #316
Idaho City, ID Jul 6, 2019
Sunset Mountain Road #316 Idaho City, ID
Jul 6, 2019
Notes: It's a dirt road all the way to the tower, beautiful scenery and you see some wildflowers, and wildfire damage.
Welcome to Chautauqua
Boulder, CO Sep 13, 2018
Welcome to Chautauqua Boulder, CO
Sep 13, 2018
Notes: Great trail! Parking is limited though, was pretty crowded when we got there! Love that its dog friendly and beautiful views
Sawtooth Lake (from Iron Creek Trailhead)
Challis, ID Jun 4, 2018
Sawtooth Lake (from Iron Creek Trailhead) Challis, ID
Jun 4, 2018
Notes: 8.5 mi : Amazing trail with spectacular views, trail becomes hard to follow once you start hitting the snow, but was easy to stay close with the gps on the app