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Mount Naomi
Richmond, UT Jul 6, 2019
Mount Naomi Richmond, UT
Jul 6, 2019
Notes: Some of the trail is still under snow drifts. Great day of hiking though.
Saddleback Mountain Trail
North Logan, UT Mar 3, 2019
Saddleback Mountain Trail North Logan, UT
Mar 3, 2019
Notes: 1.3 mi : Snow only got unreasonably deep in certain sections. Most was a mellow hike without needing winter hiking equipment.
Wellsville Ridge
Wellsville, UT Jul 7, 2018
Wellsville Ridge Wellsville, UT
Jul 7, 2018
Notes: 11.4 mi : Once you hit the top there isn't much sun protection... so hit this when it's cooler or overcast. The views were great, the heat exhaustion wasn't.