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First Light on Turret Arch Framed by North Window

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Megan W
Mar 9, 2015 near Moab, UT
First Light on Turret Arch Framed by North Window  
from ArchesNPS under CC BY-SA
Although I cannot hike because of a VERY SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEM (that I hope and pray that it will be solved after a recent spinal surgery THAT INVOLVES THE INSERTION OF LEADS FROM YOUR LUMBAR SPINE TO YOUR CERVICAL SPINE OR FROM YOUR LOW BACK ALL THE WAY UP TO YOUR NECK) & I ABHOR HEAT LIKE YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE, as I have lived in So. TX. For ALL MY FREAKING LIFE!!!!!!!!!! I beg my husband D*A*I*L*Y, to take me away from here telling him that we live in IN HELL!!!!!!! The problem is that he grew up in Washington St. & he has lived in & driven in SNOW & ice all his life (or at least until he turned about 20 then he escaped to go to Nursing School on South Padre Island) & he HATES IT!!!!!! It wasn’t so bad until our area had an actual SNOW-STORM & I actually got to stand outside and the snow just came down so hard on my face Jan 1, 2018

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