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The Maroon Bells from over Maroon Lake has got to be one of the most photographed views in Colorado. The Mountains themselves are classic in shape and tower over the valley. They have slanted rock ledges that can collect snow, creating a striped appearance. The valley is filled with aspen that turn into a magnificent bed of yellow in the autumn. The combined effect is truly breathtaking.

The Maroon Bells along with Moraine Lake in Alberta really cover your beautiful-stock-photo-for-a-website-background! Trust me, you've seen pictures of them before.

Short Walk: "Access" really depends on what you want to do: you can get amazing views of the Maroon Bells from the parking lot; you can take a short stroll along the paths near/along the lake; you can do a short hike along the Maroon Snowmass Trail to get close to the base of the Bells (recommended for a day-trip); complete the Four Pass Loop to get the full 360 experience; or, if you have the skills and equipment, you can try to summit them. Thus, people of all abilities can enjoy the Maroon Bells. Please read the trail description for the Bells before considering actually climbing them!

Family Friendly: The area near the parking lot and Maroon Lake is extremely accessible for all ages. The Maroon Snowmass Trail less so, but many kids have done it. Summit? Nope. Please don't try to summit with kids.

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Sep 26, 2017
Ashley Nicole
Aug 21, 2017
Michael Ames
Aug 8, 2017
Chris Aguirre
Jul 25, 2017
Kate Pauley
Hiked with Mari and Laura!
Jul 20, 2017
Leia Seiler
Jun 9, 2017
Amy Flora
May 28, 2017
Bruce Hensel
May 27, 2017
Princess Leia
Very short walk from parking lot. Was overcasted with rain. Should go back in another day.

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