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Greg Sage
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While I use Backpacking and camping as a way to "unplug" from the world, there is also a need to be able to "connect" every now and then.
I have a couple small USB battery packs I can charge my phone etc. with...   But once they are dead, I am then truly SOL.

I have been looking at backpack/portable solar charging solutions...   But everything is "Highly Rated" it's hard to know what is actually good, and what isn't worth the time or money.

I figured I would ask you all...   What are the panels you recommend? or avoid?  

I am trying to keep size/weight down...

And I have a $100.00 ~ $150.00 "Budget"...  (Keeping in mind, the less I spend here, the more I can spend on other things I need to replace/update/acquire...)

Thanks in advance!!! — 2 days ago

David Smrcka
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I've been using a Biolite Solar Panel 5+. I'm able to keep my headlight, my Delores InReach and my iPhone ( used in conjunction with my InReach) charged. Best of all, it's only $80. It has two attaching points that I attach it to my pack's daisychains and charge my devices or the 5+'s internal 2,200 mAh storage battery while in the move. When in camp, it has a sundial that allows me to position it in relation to the sun for optimal output.  — 1 day ago

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