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I'm new to the forum so I might as well share a little bit about myself!

My name is Adrien and I'm from Southern Arizona. Hiking out here is amazing, with all the cactus and desert scenery. A quick drive up our local mountain lets me get back into those pine trees and wonderful smells of nature. That is definitely where I go when I need to unwind and run from the chaotic city life. I enjoy hiking, preferably with my dog, and like to mountain bike from time to time. P.S. The sunsets out here are incredible!

Recently my brother and I became interested in starting an outdoor themed clothing company that focuses more towards t-shirts. We have set the whole back end of the business up but our biggest challenge has been figuring out what our shirts and other apparel should be about!

I would love to get some feedback from you guys about some problems you face when trying to find an outdoor themed shirt. Maybe it doesn't represent your personality well enough or you dislike the fabric? What makes you go WOW when you go into an outdoor-themed shop looking for new clothes? Or maybe there's just something (not t-shirt related) completely missing from the market? We just want to get a feel of what is missing for you guys, hopefully filling in that void for more people too!

Thank you so much in advance for the help! — Oct 25, 2016

Mikhaila Redovian
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Hey Adrien! 

It sounds like you've got a great plan to hone in on the market! I have to say that finding a t-shirt that is both soft and of a flattering cut is one of my biggest struggles. Women's T's tend to either be too boxy or too tight, and it's tough to find a happy medium. It also seems that many women's T's tend to use curly script, flowers, or are focused mostly on yoga. I like yoga as much as the next person, but it'd be nice to see a wider variety! Those are my personal thoughts, I hope that others chime in too! 

Best of luck on your business venture! 

Mikhaila  — Oct 28, 2016

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