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Michael Rodarte · · San Jose, CA · Joined 9 days ago · Points: 0


Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Michael, I am 29, I am a former marine with mild hiking experience.

In April of 2020, I will be setting off with two friends on a journey across the United States. I am looking for the best advice as far as food and maps and sources (water source guides hunting/trapping guide etc.)

As of now another fellow marine and good friend of mine will be joining with presumably a little less experience as well an other friend of mine with minimal hiking experience.  

We are looking for someone with enough experience to help us with a necessity list, as well as experience based advice. I've YouTube and googled. But I not satisfied.  All the hikes they prepare for are basically 5 hour hikes and most of the videos and articles dont show a list of gear.

We are real friendly people we only get physical when absolutely necessary.  As an example, in san jose I stopped a gas station robbery, allegedly... I have to say that because the guy got away on the charges because the second witness never came.

I only use force when people's safety or lives are at risk. The same goes for my friends. I say that to emphasize that we are not only not gonna hurt you, but we'll be helping keep you safe.

I'd like to find a hiking partner as a fourth to our team as we set out to re explore this beautiful country. I will be getting content for my you tube videos.

So why a fourth? Well I feel like every team needs an expert. And the three of us are not experts at hiking for more than a day. While I don't doubt in the slightest we can do this as the three of us, it would make life easier if we had another person who knew what stuff to look out for or remember.

But until I find someone, I'll settle for the best food tips. Right now I'm thinking about just buying MREs. I cant find any good water source maps. Perhaps you have an opinion on the best filters or purifiers.  Or perhaps you know of specific trails or routes to go. Whatever your experience may provide I welcome all assistance. Thank you and uh.... God Bless America!

Angela S · · California, SoCal · Joined Aug 2019 · Points: 0

When you say you are hiking across the United States what exactly do you mean? Do you already have a specific trail and road set that you intend to follow? Are you planning on doing it all in a row without stopping for any extended breaks at all, which might take you a little bit around 5 months or so, give or take?

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