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Sierra and SoCal Backpacking Partner Needed

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Angela S · · California, SoCal · Joined 15 days ago · Points: 0

Hello! I am looking for someone who loves to backpack and who needs a partner. I currently do not know anyone who likes backpacking in the Sierras or anywhere else i the SoCal area (where I live).  I have a chronic migraine condition that makes it difficult for me to travel but once I am in the mountains I am ok. My trigger for migraines is only artificial lights, so I cannot use cell phones, view TV screens, etc. I would love to backpack (or even day hike!) with someone who would be understanding and limit their use of artificial lights while on the trail, so I would not get a lot of migraines while out hiking. I would prefer to do backpacking trips that are 3-5 days (could go more if I could carry enough food) in length. I can probably do 5-12 miles a day depending upon the trail conditions.

I am good at backpacking on general trails but have never done (nor do I want to do) mountain climbing that requires special climbing gear. SO if you just want to explore and hike and see nature then I am all good for that!

I do not hike or camp in the snow - only the 3 warmer seasons for me please. If you want to chat and try to coordinate a hike then please either respond to this message here. Thanks!

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