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Book on hiking (especially safety)

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Jakub TÄ›tek · · Unknown Hometown · Joined 14 days ago · Points: 0

I'm just getting into hiking. I have been to a few places but I have more plans for this summer and I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself before going. I like to hike in mountains, although I am not planning anything crazy like Mont Blank or anything similar and I am not planning to hike when there is any significant amount of snow.

I am interested especially, but not exclusively, in staying safe (i.e. not falling anywhere, not getting stuck somewhere in the middle of the night or running out of water in a place with no water, etc...).

Are there any good learning resources? Especially books as they tend to be more in-depth.

aikibujin · · Castle Rock, CO · Joined Oct 2014 · Points: 0

The nice thing about hiking is that it doesn't require any special skills. If you can walk, you can hike. So unfortunately I don't think you'll be able to find any comprehensive book on the subject. One place you can start is the REI web site: https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/hiking-for-beginners.html

Depends on where you live, there may be local outdoor clubs and outdoor shops that offer intro classes. I know the REI in the Denver area always have classes from hiking, camping, to cycling and snowshoeing. So look around to see if there are any local communities.

As far as safety goes, you can get books on specific topics such as navigation and survival. One of the best and most underutilized resource is your local library, see what kind of books are in your library and go from there.

If you want to read one book that is considered the bible of climbing, then read Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills. It is way overkill for what you want to do, but this book has essentially been the must-read for any mountaineer/hiker for decades now. So if you want a book, this is the one to get.

Sullivan Griffin · · Seattle · Joined 10 days ago · Points: 0

Hi there.

I'm newbie in hiking and I've been only few times in mountain hike. So this question is very actual for me too. I heard about "Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills", it is old book but realy the best one. To my shame I haven’t read it yet. I'm going to find this soonest time, because I need to clarify some issue that I faced last time.

Thanks for advise.

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